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Magazine Quality Pics of our Silver Chiavari Chairs

Please enjoy these high quality and artistically done photos of our refine silver chiavari chairs at the Grand Rapids Art Museum on May 7, 2011. Photos courtesy of Theresa at TAK photograpy and used with special permission. The beautiful flowers were created by Natalie at

The Wedding Party in Ann Arbor

Chiavari Chairs Wedding was honored to be a part of the exclusive Wedding Party on January 23, 2011 at the Pot & Box – connecting local brides (and grooms) with local businesses – hosted by Viva La Diva Events: Please enjoy these photos of our special edition white chiavari chairs taken at this unique [...]

New Mahogany Chiavari Chairs Photographs

Please enjoy these exclusive pictures of our beautiful mahogany chiavari chairs. Photos shown are used with special permission by JP Photography in collaboration with our friend Nikki Wolfe – a superb wedding event planner from Toledo, Ohio

A Successful 2010 Chiavari Chairs Wedding Season

Chiavari Chairs Wedding would like to thank all our wonderful clients for a successful 2010 Wedding Season! As we are filling up already for 2011, we look forward to continue the high standards of our service and quality of our fine chiavari chairs for next year and beyond. Below are some sample pics of our [...]

Recent Reviews for our Chiavari Chairs & Service

At Chiavari Chairs Wedding, our customer’s satisfaction is of utmost importance. Your overall experience in working with us – from the very beginning to the arrival of your important day – matters to the very core of our company’s philosophy. It simply gives us joy when we know that we’ve given our absolute best in [...]

Bowling Green State University 100th Centennial Celebration

Chiavari Chairs Wedding was the premiere chiavari chair company at BGSU 100th centennial honors ceremony which celebrated the university’s most prominent alumni on April 24th, 2010. Enjoy pictures from the grand event below and in our gallery page.

Top Ten Reasons: to Rent Chiavari Chairs for Weddings

10) It presents a clean, modern elegance and sophistication – The Ideal Wedding Chair Less is more. This cannot be more true than with chiavari chairs. It simply defines an elegance that is effortless. Like an elegantly stated theme in music or a master painting, capturing a timeless moment, a vivid expression in one brilliant [...]

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