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Magazine Quality Pics of our Silver Chiavari Chairs

tak-photography-257 tak-photography-258 tak-photography-260 tak-photography-262 tak-photography-259

Please enjoy these high quality and artistically done photos of our refine silver chiavari chairs at the Grand Rapids Art Museum on May 7, 2011.

Photos courtesy of Theresa at TAK photograpy and used with special permission. The beautiful flowers were created by Natalie at

The Wedding Party in Ann Arbor

potbox1 potbox2 potbox3 potbox4 potbox5 potbox6

Chiavari Chairs Wedding was honored to be a part of the exclusive Wedding Party on January 23, 2011 at the Pot & Box – connecting local brides (and grooms) with local businesses – hosted by Viva La Diva Events:

Please enjoy these photos of our special edition white chiavari chairs taken at this unique bridal event. Photos used with special permission by Alison at Viva La Diva Events. All photos taken by Abby Rose Photo. Flowers by Lisa at Pot & Box. China from La belle Maison. Signage from Elevated Press.

New Mahogany Chiavari Chairs Photographs

nikki1 nikki2 nikki3 nikki4

Please enjoy these exclusive pictures of our beautiful mahogany chiavari chairs. Photos shown are used with special permission by JP Photography in collaboration with our friend Nikki Wolfe – a superb wedding event planner from Toledo, Ohio

A Successful 2010 Chiavari Chairs Wedding Season

Chiavari Chairs Wedding would like to thank all our wonderful clients for a successful 2010 Wedding Season! As we are filling up already for 2011, we look forward to continue the high standards of our service and quality of our fine chiavari chairs for next year and beyond. Below are some sample pics of our featured events from this past wedding season – please view our gallery for more views of our chiavari chairs!

Recent Reviews for our Chiavari Chairs & Service

At Chiavari Chairs Wedding, our customer’s satisfaction is of utmost importance. Your overall experience in working with us – from the very beginning to the arrival of your important day – matters to the very core of our company’s philosophy. It simply gives us joy when we know that we’ve given our absolute best in making your event a dream come true.

August 2010

“Chiavari Chairs Wedding offers the BEST PRICE…‎‎ We were so extremely happy with the chairs we rented from Chiavari Chairs Wedding. The chairs themselves were gorgeous and in perfect condition, unlike some other companies we looked into. The chairs definitely added a heightened sense of luxury and elegance to our wedding. Do not waste your money on chair covers. And, whatever you do, do not cheapen the look of your wedding or special event with standard banquet hall chairs. Chiavari chairs are the perfect touch to any wedding or event, regardless of the style or theme. I did tons of research and Chiavari Chairs Wedding offers the absolute best price in town. Their customer service, from my first phone call to the set-up that took place on our wedding day, was amazing. Simply put, you can’t go wrong renting chairs from Chiavari Chairs Wedding.”

- Erin M.

August 2010

“Wonderful Service & Professionalism!‎‎ We want to thank you so much for your service and professionalism! We used your chairs for our wedding reception and they made such a difference, the reception looked spectacular because of the added beauty of the silver Chiavari Chairs. Your staff were so wonderful to work with and were so professional. We will absolutely recommend you in the future to others. Thank you for helping to make our day so special!”

-Jason and Talia Krajcovic

May 2010

“Thank you so much for being so easy to communicate with during our wedding. It went very well and the chairs were the exact visual touch we were looking for. I will definitely be recommending you to whomever may ask”

Thanks again! -John

“Everything went very well. The chairs were beautiful and really helped create the elegant mood we were hoping for. There were absolutely no issues whatsoever.
Thank you very much for your help and professionalism. It was great working with you.”


July 2010

“Everything was just perfect and the chairs were in perfect condition, I will keep recommending you to everyone I can!!! Thank you so much, you were wonderful to work with!”

-Natalie with

Bowling Green State University 100th Centennial Celebration

Chiavari Chairs Wedding was the premiere chiavari chair company at BGSU 100th centennial honors ceremony which celebrated the university’s most prominent alumni on April 24th, 2010. Enjoy pictures from the grand event below and in our gallery page.

img_5473 img_5449 img_5470

Top Ten Reasons: to Rent Chiavari Chairs for Weddings

10) It presents a clean, modern elegance and sophistication – The Ideal Wedding Chair

Less is more. This cannot be more true than with chiavari chairs. It simply defines an elegance that is effortless. Like an elegantly stated theme in music or a master painting, capturing a timeless moment, a vivid expression in one brilliant motif, in one dynamic gesture. An understated beauty that is bold yet refine.

9) Looks stunning without need for chair covers or accessories

Chiavari Chairs are already perfect as they are – bare and beautiful. An ideal ingredient that doesn’t need enhancement or further accentuation. Brides don’t have to spend more on accessories when you’ve already said everything with the ideal wedding chair. With this essential component in place, now you can focus on the table, the dinnerware, and the centerpiece. Chiavari chairs provide the perfect foundation to elevate your décor to a totally new level.

8) Ideal design for limitless creativity

If you’re a bride with an insatiable desire to decorate, chiavari chairs provides a perfect canvas. Decorate to your heart’s content! Add colorful sashes of satin or organza, loop it around vertically or horizontally, double the sashes for contrasting colors, use different color accents either with flowers or even jewelry, truly the skies the limit. Really there are no rules, you are the artist of your own event.

7) Available in a variety of attractive colors and materials to compliment your theme

Chiavari chairs are available in an assortment of dream wedding colors such as white, silver, gold, mahogany, black, fruitwood, walnut, and natural.

Most places have some variation of gold – a traditional and widely popular choice. Silver chiavari chairs has recently grown to be a very appealing color for weddings especially with outdoor events – silver looks brilliant in natural light. Mahogany chiavari chairs are also growing in demand. A real mahogany chiavari has a timeless and classic quality that are sure to impress your guests. White chiavari chairs – what bride doesn’t dream of a white wedding?

Fruitwood and black chiavari chairs are harder to find, unfortunately, not many companies carry them for rental. Black can work magnificently in both formal and informal event settings – very classy for weddings or honor ceremonies.

An additional way to compliment your theme is to simply change the color of the cushions and change the feel – it’s amazing how a subtle alteration can have such dramatic effects. Cushions can come in a variety of colors – from your basic white, ivory, black and burgundy to more experimental hues of navy, apple green, and rosy pink.

6) Extremely lightweight and solid

Chiavari Chairs are very light weight. A wood chiavari chair weighs approximately 11 pounds. The light weight makes chiavari chairs easy to transport and setup. They are easily stackable and can be efficiently stored. For being so light, they are remarkably durable. However, not all chiavari chairs are of equal durability or strength and very few are actually commercial duty. Being a wholesaler and manufacturer, Chiavari Chairs Wedding carries only commercial grade chiavari chairs.

5) Still looks amazing at end of evening

Have you ever gone to a wedding reception, where everything looks magnificent in the beginning and from afar, but then after everyone’s had a little too much to drink (which always happens) and the dancing starts, your room that you’ve worked so hard to plan for, starts falling apart literally? The entire setup looks in complete disarray, sashes start to slide off and end on the ground, and inevitably guests start to step on them (that for sure your linen company will charge you for)….

Chiavari chairs preserve your setup from beginning to end immaculately and eliminates chaos altogether.

4) Gives your room an open feel & highlights the table décor

When your guests walk into a room filled with chiavari chairs, it is a refreshing and dynamic utilization of space. Since chiavari chairs entail a non-enclosure design, your table cloth and décor can be highlighted with a refine balance that you and your guest can appreciate. Regular banquet chairs can cover the table setup and linens can sometime suffocate space and make the setup look cluttered, chiavari chairs simply opens the entire room up.

3) Yes you do spend a little more, but so worth it

Actually, chiavari chairs can be affordable. Yes it is true. Do some research and chances are you can find a good company to work with. The price point is NOT everything, however. Some places may offer it for lower, but lack in the quality or maintenance of chiavari chairs, reliability, and experience. Case in point: Not all chiavari chairs are equal and not all companies are equal!

2) Picture perfect for both ceremony and reception

There is something to be said about seeing rows of chiavari chairs on a beautiful freshly cut lawn at a ceremony or a banquet hall filled with a sea of chiavari chairs. It looks absolutely stunning and grand. It takes your breath away.

1) It looks so good…your wedding should be in a movie ! (:

In movies is where most people have said they first seen chiavari chairs! From the big screen or to the White House on Pennsylvania Ave., chiavari chairs is making it’s name and becoming the highest standard in hotel, museum, resort, banquet, home, and wedding décor worldwide.

Whimsical Occasions – Bridal Show Invitation

Join us on Sunday February 21st from 1pm – 4pm at Webbers Inn in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Whimsical Occasions Bridal Show Expo. We will be showcasing our fine collection of chiavari chairs along with our sister companies – Chaircover Express and Wedding Favors Club – we look forward to seeing you there!